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An Urban Narrative Reconstructed through Planes and Lines: ‘Frame’

exhibition Bang Yukyung May 17, 2021

Bang Yukyung 



Kim Hyesook, who majored in Korean Painting, is an artist that has adhered to a unique working method which explores urban space by making drawings using mechanical pencils on paper screens and overlayering them with colour. In this private exhibition following ‘Vacancy’ (2017), ‘Peripheral Vision’ (2017), and ‘Knock Knock’ (2018), she has picked the materials, structures, and details of modern architecture as the main object of focus in her drawings. As the city and its architecture are captured through her eyes, they are dismantled into planes and lines before being reassembled in her imagination. The spatial narrative and its temporal frame is wholly replaced by geometry and physicality. The wood grain is meticulously expressed with mechanical pencil, the layout of columns and stairs that repeat a certain structure, and the depth created by the superimposition of images are all representative of this process. This fifth private exhibition ‘Frame’, on show between 7 ‒ 28 April at Artspace Boan1942 1 at Tongui-dong, focuses with a greater rigour on her exploration of the practice of drawing. From the narrow corridor to the connected room, this exhibition space is exposed to the levels of time that meet and merge, extending into every nook and cranny to hold the artworks to reenact a rarely-seen landscape created in the harmony between drawing and the spatial narrative. The balcony, outer wall, roof, staircase, window, sidewalk block, and tiles that appear in the drawings connect seamlessly with the windows and the floors and walls with torn wallpaper and exposed aggregate to invite visitors into a new discovery of the architectural elements within the exhibition hall. What is the force behind her drawings that draws our attention so unfailingly to the ‘frame’ outside the picture plane, in order that we might discover the existing city and its spatial narrative? This is the reason why one cannot but anticipate her next artwork as she delves deeper into this sense of scope unique to Korean painting, superimposing materials over one another.