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Announcing the Winners of the Junglim Typeface Design Awards

competitionDec 21, 2020

On Dec. 14, 2020, Junglim Architecture announced the winners of the ‘Junglim Typeface Design Awards’. To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the passing of the founder Kim Jungchul, Junglim Architecture and Junglim Foundation held this competition in the hope of inheriting Kim’s philosophy and legacy and reinterpreting it as verbal communication tools that will endure for posterity.
Entries were received from Oct. 9 to Nov. 15, 2020, ten of whom were nominated and reviewed at the first screening on Nov. 27, of which five were nominated and reviewed as part of the second screening on Dec. 12. At last, one grand prize, four second prizes, and five special prizes were agreed upon. The jury committee consisted of Park Seongtae (core value leading officer, Junglim Foundation), Song Seongjae (professor, Hoseo University), Lee ho (chief director of TDC, Yoondesign Group), and Cho Namho (principal, Soltozibin Architects).
The grand prize was awarded to Kang Yoona (student, Kyungsung University) who designed the Gothic typeface. Kang presented a typeface that kept the width, height, and thickness of the stroke with as great a consistency as possible. Each font was designed to fit a rectangular module, to make it look ‘refined with high readability’. By using a stencil technique that hollows out the phoneme, this aimed at expressing ‘the sense of a progressive and dynamic tone’. The jury committee highlighted an ‘impressive variation between a geometrical and simple basic form and consonants ㅈ, ㅊ, and ㅎ’, highly commending it as a work that ‘has the spirit that the competition seeks, with universal usability as a typeface’.
The second prizes were awarded to Yoo Sion, Jung Hyunah, Yoo Myunghyun, Woo Hyunhwa, and special prizes to Lee Seulah, Kim Minji, Kim Jiyeon, Han Jungwon, Moon Jaewon. The grand prize entry, one entry from the second prize, and handwriting typeface by Kim Jungchul, which is a total of three, will be developed and distributed for free as digital typefaces through a collaborative process with Yoondesign Group.