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LH Announces the 2020 Public Housing Design Competition Plan

etc.May 22, 2020

The Korea Land and Housing Corporation (LH) announced the design promotion direction for the 2020 Public Housing Project. Several measures to enhance design competitiveness were included in the plan.

First, LH decided to uncover creative designs by modifying the conventional methods of the design competition, such as proposal competitions and two-phase competitions. The 'Proposal Competition' for small specialised districts encourages competent small-scale architects to participate in the competition with simplified submissions. Meanwhile, the 'Two-Phase Competition' for large-scale or major pilot projects consists of two phases: the screening of master plans (idea) and design drawings. In the case of the existing general design competition, it will select works that 'reflects special plans for each district'.

Also, LH decided to expand the limited or exclusive competition. In order to provide an opportunity for architects of little experience, such as young architects under the age of 45 and those who have started their business in the past two years, to participate in the public sector design, LH proposes expanding the special competition from the seven of last year to nineteen for 2020. Aside from this, the special competition for a small-scale design contest of less than 1 billion Won and local architects does not apply a limit to the number of winners by specialized contractors in the telecommunications and fire-fighting sector so that architects can select partners more smoothly.

The design promotion direction included many ways of strengthening design, such as the 'residential welfare platform function’ though customised demand-oriented plans and the deduction of specific elements from each district by pre-planning. The plan introduces a story-telling-based design contest that reflects the historical, social, cultural, and environmental characteristics of the district on a trial basis in six blocks. Also, in the process of the design competition screening, criteria will be improved to evaluate long-term rentals based on design, and public distributions to focus on consumers. <editorial Team>